Instant Decision

This website offers an access to payday lending network. Remember that payday loans are much more expensive than traditional loans!

What is an instant decision payday loan?

It is a loan which is processed the moment you apply for it. An approval system quickly verifies your personal information. Some of the information are checked in a matter of seconds (for instance, if you’re a former customer of an online lender). If you defaulted on your loans in the past, the system may automatically reject your application, otherwise, you will have to wait a few minutes for a lender to contact you. The instant decision system also checks the state you live in in order to see if payday loans are legal in your state. If they’re not, your application will be automatically rejected.
The words ‘instant decision’ refer to the fact that your application is instantly processed. You will know in a matter of minutes (provided that the network is not busy) if or not you qualify for a loan.

Is bad credit automatically rejected by the instant approval system?

Bad credit is not necessarily a disqualifying factor, but of course it’s not much of a help either. If you have good credit, you’re better off applying for a loan with a bank. It will cost you less money than a payday loan. If your credit is poor and banks won’t help you, you can use services of payday lenders. It’s all up to individual lenders to approve you for a bad credit loan. The instant approval system employed by lenders will let you know very quickly if you meet the lender’s creteria.